MUST READ : 2 Tricks To Give Your Woman The Fuck Of Her Life!!!

Before we begin, let me make one thing clear: giving a woman a fuck she’ll remember isn’t necessarily about making her orgasm or ejaculate or whatever. It’s nice if you can do that, but not mandatory.

A good fuck is all about having a kick-ass foreplay and being hardcore in the grand finale. This way she’ll remember you as a man who can take care of his woman as well as one who understands her needs.

It’s like having a big dick: most women don’t need it to achieve orgasm, in fact, sexual intercourse with one will hurt. But they all want one just because it’s BIG. Same with being hardcore in bed instead of just using your fingers to try to make them cum (very hard it it’s your first time with her). You give it to her really good so she’ll have something to think about the following days.

But how, exactly? Well, it’s not that hard. I basically told you the 2 essential steps but I want to make them a bit clearer. The crucial thing is to know how to transition between them.

You can’t go from foreplay to hardcore sex in a matter of seconds. You need to transition. Let’s start from the beginning. Foreplay I’ve already given you my best foreplay tips so I won’t repeat myself. You may want to rush some of those techniques, such as massaging and dirty talking.

This is your first time with her so there’s already a lot of anticipation. You CAN create even more if you want to but I found that it’s not really necessary. Foreplay games that involve unusual items are great, though.

Think banana,s whip cream, using a scarf to blindfold her or a belt to tie her hands behind her back. Anything that show’s you’re a “perv” but without actually being one in the real sense of the word.

With foreplay it’s important to switch between being intense and being slow and relaxed. For instance, you may want to gently kiss her back for a few minutes, slowly touch her breasts with the tips of your fingers, then switch to grabbing her boobies with both your Hand and squeezing them tight.

What you’re doing here is being unpredictable, a key ingredient to amazing sex. Transitioning As I said, you can’t just go from foreplay to hardcore sex. You need to transition smoothly… or not so smoothly if she’s already heated up from foreplay.

To test, start to penetrate her slowly, then speed up for 5 to 10 seconds. Then do this again after a minute, only this time keep it up for 20 seconds. After you do this 3-4 times, you’re ready for the final stage The fuck of her life You know what to do here.

Give it to her good and stop worrying whether she will orgasm or not. Worry about you not cumming too soon because the longer you last, the more she’ll appreciate you.

Look her straight in the eye from close distance while you’re doing it. Pull her hair while you give it to her doggy style. Slap her ass as harder and harder until it gets all red. And, most of all – this is super important – make sure you do NOT ejaculate.

If you do, it’s game over and all your efforts will go down the drain. BUT… And it’s not just one but here, there are several. You need to see if she’s enjoying this. If not, maybe she just doesn’t like it rough. That’s ok, use this strategy with other women.

You also need to make sure she’s lubricated enough. If not, have some lube handy that you can use. Lastly, you need to differentiate between her moaning from pleasure or from pain.  If she’s clearly not enjoying herself (and she’s only doing this for your sake), it’s time to try a different sexual position.

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