10 GIFs That Make Us Believe Madea Was A Nigerian Mother

We all know Mabel ‘Madea’ Simmons  from the Tyler Perry movies?

Image: TheIapolis

Image: TheIapolis

She is a tough black woman who despite her brash and overreactive nature, stands for what is right and that is a totally amazing thing. If you haven’t seen any of the Madea movies, we’re really not sure what you’re doing with your free time honestly.

We re-watched one of the Madea movies and we’re convinced that Madea was a Nigerian mother. To back up this conviction, here are a few times she acted as such.

1. Your Nigerian mum after she beats you and sees you crying

If I hear pim

Madea 8


2. Your mum when she’s trying to get you to listen to something 

Draw your two ears and hear now

Madea 5


3. Your Nigerian mum when she hears that a teacher or a student beat you at school

Saay whaat?

Madea 3


4. And how she introduces herself when she sees whoever beat you

ties wrapper aggressively

Madea 9


5. Your mum when she really has nothing to say or do to you. 

I honestly don’t know what to say

Madea 4


6. Your mum when she’s genuinely laughing with her friends

Is this really my mother?

Madea 6


7. When she sees that friend of yours that she doesn’t like 

Are you sure you finished your chores before going to play?

Madea 1


8. Her default mood tbh

Always ready to spark.

Madea 2


9. How she is when things are awkward or she just wants to be shady and petty

Awkw..you were saying?

Madea 7


10. Your mother, every morning

It’s until I start bringing cane to wake you.

Madea 10


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