Some People Are Behind This Misfortune- Castro’s Father Opens up

Some People Are Behind This Misfortune- Castro's Father Opens up

A Broadcaster with Empire FM in Takoradi, Kojo Darko Sakyi Gyinae has revealed a hearty chat he had with Mr. Eshun, father of Hiplife Artiste, Theophilus Tagoe, aka Castro to 233 times.

Following a revealing Facebook post on his (Kojo Darko’s) wall, 233 times contacted the Sports Presenter and he mentioned that, the conversation was an informal one with the hopeful father of the Artiste and not an on air conversation.

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According to Kojo Darko, Castro’s father told him the following (unedited):

This afternoon, I had a hearty conversation with the Dad of Hip life artist Castro.Mr Eshun is my good friend. He opened up to me so much as never before, for the first time after the disappearance of his son. I had goose pimples all over.

Here are a few things he pointed out to me I’d like to share

  1. He says 90% of the reportage on the Castro story was false
  2. He says emphatically ‘Castro is not dead’
  3. He says, two people (Castro and Janet Bandu) got drowned.July,2016 marks 2years.How come the body of one of them has not been washed ashore or found to date? That is not normal.
  4. He says,as we say in Akan trans-literally ‘a human beings souls is heavy’ thus when a huge misfortune befalls a relative, one feels it.He says he has never at any point since the incident felt his son his dead.
  5. He says, Castro’s phone rang for the next two days anytime he called after the incident, before it went dead. If the phone fell in the Ada river, it would have gone dead immediately. And if it was in his hotel room, how come nobody has found the phone to date, not even the police.
  6. He says Castro’s mum has dreamt on three different occasions that their son had ‘returned from a place'(as in he has gone out from home and returned)
  7. He says, he believes, some people are behind this misfortune and that he is convinced it is ‘either a physical or spiritual kidnap’
  8. He says the family has never stopped praying and that God hasn’t stopped doing miracles.
[Credit: 233Time]

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