PNC’s Abu Ramadan Rejects Joselyn Dumas; Find Out Why!


Politician Abu Ramadan has an interesting explanation to why he would refuse to be romantically involved with celebrities in the caliber of sultry Ghanaian actress Joselyn Dumas.

The former People’s National Convention (PNC) youth organizer may just flee from such a temptation not just because she is a “good friend” but the fear of too much suspicion and ending up getting a broken heart.

“The pressure will be too much. Ooo chaley, she is like everything a man would want so the pressure on her would be too much,” Abu Ramadan said when he took his turn on the personality interview edition of GH One TV’s #RythmzLive show, the One-on-One Wednesday.

“As a man, if you don’t take time, you would cause problems for yourself. You would always be heart-broken. That’s the disadvantage of dating a very beautiful woman.

“Every man would want to be around her so she will be getting a lot of phone calls, text messages… It may break down trust among the two of you. You would end up heart-broken in one way or the other,”


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