Non-touring Is The New Contouring! Here’s How To Get The Look

Fashion evolves every day.

We’ve gone from the simple fresh face to the contouring and highlighting craze of the past year. But it seems that trend is slowly fading away. And will soon be replaced by the latest in makeup trends: Non-touring.

What is this non-touring I speak of? Well, non-touring is a new way of contouring and highlighting your face that leaves it looking natural and dewy. Many stars are getting into the non-touring trend:

Gigi Hadid & Kendall Jenner Non-Touring

Image: PopSugar


They look nearly natural, right? Now, here’s how you can get this look for yourself:

1.  A primer

Primer is that makeup item we apply on our faces before anything else. It helps your makeup stay on for the entire day. Apply your primer like you do always.

black woman mirror

Image: BlackHairMedia


2.  Foundation

Now apply your foundation.

Black woman foundation

Image: Pinterest


3.  Highlighter

Take your contour palette and use the highlighting powder to finish this look. Apply your highlighter on your cheekbone, forehead, nose, and cupid’s bow.

Black woman non-touring

Image: MakeupFirst/WordPress


Don’t forget to get your eyebrows and lipstick in shape to complete this look. Still want to learn some proper contouring tricks? Here are contouring and highlighting tricks every makeup enthusiast should know.

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