Kaakie details what happened when MzVee needed a collabo with her

Entertainment of Monday, 15 August 2016

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KaakiemvzeeKaakie, MzVee

Kaakie was on party Pressure with DJ KillerFingers promoting her new singles ‘Arostor’ and ‘Sankwas’.

The Dancehall Diva took some time out to discuss a few trending issues including the imminent beef with BET nominee MzVee.

Here are the highlights of the interview.

DJ KillerFingers: I want to do a mixtape and I want to put you, MzVee and Ebony on it. Are you okay with that?

Kaakie: A mixtape, Sure!

DJ KillerFingers: If I’m to put the three of you on it, are you cool to be on it?

Kaakie: Yes of course…

DJ KillerFingers: Are you cool with MzVee?

Kaakie: Well now, I don’t know.

DJ KillerFingers: Are you guys buddies or you used to be buddies?

Kaakie: We are not buddies but we use to know each other from way back.

DJ KillerFingers: Music circles or where?

Kaakie: No, through education

DJ KillerFingers: Do you call yourselves?

Kaakie: Not at all. Not for a single day. Not ever in my life

DJ KillerFingers: But has any attempts has been made to put you two on a song?

Kaakie: Yes, I think there was a time Richie reached out for a collabo. I wasn’t sure about that so I turned it down because I wasn’t feeling it.

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