11 Reasons Why Ghana Is Struggling

Ghana is a wealthy country with vast resources but seen as poor.

Although we are trying very hard to catch up, with our kind of attitude, it will take us a long period of time because we seem to focus so much on the unnecessary things.

Here are some of the reasons why the country is considered poor although we have all the resources.

1. Less Entrepreneurs

Most countries that have made it didn’t do it with just white collar jobs, entrepreneurs are the reason why they are flourishing. Unfortunately, in Ghana, most graduates are waiting for a company to employ them when there are many opportunities to explore in the country. There will only be more jobs if we have more entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, the entrepreneurs we have in the country are few.




2. Bad Maintenance Culture

If there is one very bad attitude most Ghanaians have, then it is a bad maintenance culture. We are very poor at maintaining properties, causing many important monuments and properties to go waste when most of them could have generated some form of income. There are still monuments in London as old as 500 years and they still look new, but in Ghana, even properties as old as just 5 years are in ruins.

Image: JujuFilmsTV

Image: JujuFilmsTV


3. Unnecessary Spending

Ghanaians seem to almost spend on anything that brings in absolutely no profit. We spend on funerals, parties, outdooring, excessive weekend chilling, valentine day, lavish annual birthday parties, etc.. At the end of the day, we go back to our poor lives and continue to complain.

Image: www.glennagordon.com

Image: GlennaGordon.com


4. Luxurious Lifestyle

We claim we are poor but our lifestyle is more luxurious than even the average person in developed economies. We drive some of the most expensive cars on our streets when the money for those cars can actually build factories and create jobs. We use the most expensive phones, people have as many as three mobile phones, whereas in developed countries people still use telephone and the phone booth. We’ve thrown away our coins (pesewas), this has made sellers round up prices.



5. Expecting Government To Do Everything For Us

Yes! We pay tax and expect the government to use it, but that does not mean the government has to tell you how to use your brains. There are millions of opportunities out there, must we always wait for the next government to come into power before we get a job when we can create some ourselves? This is one of the major reasons why the country is still poor.




6. Fewer Sports Opportunities

Many countries have benefitted from sports because it has generated a lot of jobs for the youth but it seems in Ghana, our only type of sports is Soccer and a little bit of Boxing. There are millions of sports out there we can engage in.

Photo: ShutterStock

Photo: ShutterStock


7. No Business Ideas

When it comes to business ideas, most Ghanaians are crippled in that area. This is not to say we don’t have the ideas, we do, but we hardly put them to use. We only rant about ideas that will work and now work. Even when we have ideas we hardly pursue them.

Image: Business Insider

Image: Business Insider


8. Consumer Price Control

Pricing in Ghana is sporadic and there’s absolutely no control over it, which has given most sellers the opportunity to swindle customers. Everybody in the country doing business have their own price which they conjure from their mind and so we have people selling products at 100% profit. This kind of attitude never gives room for others to also flourish.



9. Less Focus On Other Business Areas

There are many areas Ghanaians could capitalize on but because less attention is given to other areas of business, people are forced to get white collar jobs, which are not readily available, putting pressure on one sector.

Photo: BTSAdventures.com

Photo: BTSAdventures.com


10. Fewer Exports More Imports

We have all the raw materials to manufacture a lot of things but unfortunately, we seem to import more than we export, making other countries rich while we remain poor. We even import toothpick 😭😭 and straw.



11. Brain Drain

Most Ghanaians who specialize in certain areas end up doing what they didn’t learn in school, so we end up having very intelligent engineers ending up as bank tellers. We also have many Ghanaians running out of the country to seek greener pastures elsewhere with all their intelligence contributing to other country’s economy.

Photo Credit: ShutterStock

Photo Credit: ShutterStock


11. Not Prioritizing Technology

In the USA and China, the top five biggest companies are made up of mostly technology companies but in Ghana technology has been given little to no attention, in the end, foreigners who see the future will take up the opportunity and extend their technology offerings.




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