10 Stages We All Go Through On Social Media

Social media has become a part of our lives now.

But do you remember the first time you joined Facebook? If you do, what was your reaction then and how do you treat it now.

If you draw the scale, you’ll realize that a lot of things have changed since then and the way you use it now. But you are not alone, we’ve all been through the stages..

Check out to see where you fall now on the chain.

1. Friends Request Time

When you join Facebook for the first time, what you do is to hook up with friends and so you go on a rampage, sending friends requests everywhere, whether you know the person or not and you thank people who accept your request, a clear indication you’re a newbie.

Image: NotJustOk

Image: NotJustOk


2. Status Updates Galore

Now you’re familiarizing and you realize what most people do is to post things so you also start by posting just anything. You start from morning and talk about basically everything you are doing.

Image: Championstrophy

Image: Championstrophy


3. Promotions

At this stage, you’re beginning to see the importance of social media and how you can use it to reach people by promoting your products. This is the stage if you’re into music, you start posting your demos and if you’re into buying and selling you start posting pictures of your products.

ghana street traffic sellers


4. Poking

At this stage, you’ve got new friends and they start poking you and realize, oh! so there’s a hidden feature where you can poke people. Without understanding what it means, you start by poking back.




At this stage, you start reading other people’s comment and you realize it is payback time, so you set on the journey to also troll others by commenting on their posts and making fun of them, sometimes debating them.

Nicki Minaj Crazy Laugh Gif

Image: AskIdeas


6. Blocking

By this time you’re very used to all the shenanigans of Facebook and you’re fed up with the trolls on your timeline, so you decide to deal with them by playing the “no more Mr Nice Guy” line and you start blocking people.



7. Reducing Numbers

This is the point where you realize the maximum number of friends you can have on the site is 5,000 and you’ve exceeded that. This is the stage you decide to sieve through and take out the boring ones and usually, these are those who do not comment or even like your posts.

Photo: Giphy

Photo: Giphy


8. Jokes Sharing

At this point, you’re fed up with status updates and so you go onto the sharing spree by sharing jokes and quotes by others.

love kenyan tea


9. Video Sharing

This is the stage all you do is to share videos and don’t post anything. At this point, you’re at the matured stage and do not see the need to post so many unnecessary things.

Obama Oh yeah Gif

Image: ShareGif


10. Click Like

This is where you’re so bored with the site but you still want to check from time to time what your friends are up to and so you log in and all you do is to like posts, pictures and videos and you’re out.



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