Lordina begs Rawlings not to ‘boom’ at Campaign Launch

Lordina Mahama Rawlings CampaignLordina Mahama with Former President JJ Rawlings

The Founder of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) Jerry John Rawlings, on Sunday left many ribs cracking when he told the gathering at the party’s campaign launch that the First Lady Lordina Mahama urged him not to boom.

Lordina Mahama sat close to the Former President at the podium but while the cameras were off them, Lordina reportedly moved closer and whispered into his ear expressing hope he was not going to “boom” when he takes his turn to address the gathering.

“While the cameras were off us, the First Lady moved closer and said she hopes I will not make boom speeches today…I laughed and asked her if that was her reason for sitting close to me”, he quizzed.

The punch lines speeches of the former president have been christened “boom speeches” because they are always noted to bring about disaffection among target audience.

The veteran soldier is also noted for speaking his mind regardless of who is involved earning him the accolade the “Boom Man”

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