50 Cent Disses Floyd Mayweather On Instagram



Famous American rapper and G-Unit gang leader — 50 Cent, has established himself as a big troublemaker.

Last month he was attacking Diddy, and now he mocks Floyd Mayweather on Instagram, claiming Nelly “took [his] lady.”

Floyd Mayweather has had his share of beefs with hip-hop artists over the past few years (including a major riff with T.I. over the past few weeks), but perhaps no battle has lasted as long as that between him and G-Unit head honcho 50 Cent.

According to 50, the beef began way back in 2012, when Floyd came up with the idea of a partnership between the two, asking the rapper to help him with Mayweather Promotions prior to his incarceration at the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas, NV.

Apparently,  50 learned that Mayweather Promotions was virtually non-existent. As a result, 50 formed The Money Team (now SMS) Promotions, using his personal funds to secure fighters like Yuriorkis Gamboa and Andre Dirrell.

When Mayweather was finally released from the Clark County Detention Center, 50 claims Floyd denied ever asking him for help with his promotional company, refusing to reimburse Jackson for money (upside of seven-figures) spent on the business venture in his absence.

Since that day, the former friends have fired time-and-time again by 50, with Mayweather denying the beef. “I think 50 Cent is a great guy,” Mayweather said earlier this year. “You can’t be my friend on Monday and then not my friend on Tuesday. Real friends go through ups and downs. I can’t say in November, a guy’s my friend and I love him, and in December I hate him. Sometimes, things can be miscommunication. A lot of times, media can play a major role. Things can get said that’s not true. Hopefully, his music can go back to the top. And hopefully, he does good in the sport of boxing.””

Apparently, the feelings aren’t mutual. Since Mayweather’s statement, 50 has continues throwing jabs at the boxer, the latest in the form of an Instagram post mocking Mayweather for losing his former girlfriend to St. Louis rapper Nelly.

“Nelly put this [email protected] DAMN da nigga really took your lady Champ. It’s @missjackson birthday. Smh.”