Ritualists’ Den Uncovered In Lagos: Lady Caught Makes Shocking Confession (Photo)


Another ritualists den where kidnapped children and adults were allegedly kept as hostages, has been uncovered in Majidun area of Ikorodu, Lagos State.

According to PM News report, the den was found beside one Holy Family Church, situated in the remote area of the town, which holds its services on Tuesdays and has mostly female members.

The den was discovered this morning after residents of the area caught a lady with two 4-year-old children tied with a rope inside a Ghana-must-go sack. She was said to have confessed that her blood was being used by the owner of the church for ritual purpose and he asked to bring the two children to replace her.

Residents disclosed that the pastor of the church, simply identified as Pastor Okonkwo, escaped from the vicinity after he got news that the lady had been arrested.

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A 53-year old man named Onwurah Nwankwo, was found inside the den with his hands and legs chained.

Ritualist den uncovered in Ikorodu, Lagos

Onwurah Nwankwo who was found chained in the ritualist den

Speaking after his rescue from the den, Mr Nwankwo said he had been held hostage for 11 years after his wife handed him over to the kidnappers who brought him to the den, adding that he was confused as he did not know where to go from there.

However, some church members who were found within the vicinity said they were not aware of the ritualist’s den.

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Some angry youths were said to invaded the area and burnt down the church before policemen from Ikorodu arrived the scene. The policemen shot canisters of teargas into the air to disperse the huge crowd thronging the area.

As at the time of filing this report, policemen in 15 trucks were deployed on both sides of the road close to the scene.

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