Spend The Money Of Politicians – Ghanaians Advised


Former flagbearer Aspirant of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), Prof. Agyeman Badu Akosa, has asked Ghanaians to spend the money of politicians but reject them at the polls.

“…Never allow yourselves to be taken for granted. If they give you Ghc5, take it, spend it; If they give you Ghc10 cedis, take it, spend it; even if they give you Ghc50, take it, spend it, because nobody will give you money and turn round and serve you,” he told some supporters of the CPP at the party’s 65th anniversary press conference in Accra.

The former Director General of the Ghana Health Service said the current crop of politicians in Ghana is a greedy bunch that only caters for its needs. He likened them to a mafia that only protects its own.

“There is political cronyism in this country,” the Pathologist said, adding: “The Political class looks after themselves. Once they get into parliament they seek their own welfare at the expense of you the voters.”

“We have a four-year political cycle where you vote and make the politicians richer and you the voters get poorer. Are we going to sustain this?” Prof Akosa asked.

He believes Ghana’s woes are a result of failed leadership. “Ladies and gentlemen…this country has everything that can make this country prosper. All it requires is bold leadership that loves Ghanaians, young people.”