TRAGIC DATE: Man Buries Young Woman Alive On Their First Date

A 25-year-old woman was buried while she was still breathing after she lost consciousness during their first date.

A 25-year-old Mina El Houari was buried alive during her first date with the Moroccan

A 25-year-old Mina El Houari was buried alive during her first date with the Moroccan man

Young French woman’s journey started after she got acquainted with the man on the Internet and the pair started to chat with each other on Facebook. After a while enamored Mina El Houari decided to visit her would-be boyfriend in Morocco but ended in a grave.

It was later learnt that the woman suffered diabetes and when she got to the man’s house for the long-awaited first date the unexpected happened – she fainted. Her internet lover started to panic as he ‘watched her fall unconscious‘ and ‘thinking she was dead‘ decided to bury her in his back garden.

The incident came to light as the woman failed to call back her relatives or contact hotel staff where she was living. The suspect’s house was thoroughly inspected where a pair of muddy trousers and a shovel were found. Later Mia’s body was discovered in the man’s garden.

According to police reports, the woman suffocated and died once covered in mounds of earth. The man who confessed to the crime now in custody waiting for a trial.

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