Nude films make me sick – Selassie Ibrahim

Selassie IbrahimVeteran actress, Selassie Ibrahim is on a warpath with some producers over the increasing pornographic and nude scenes in some movies being produced in Ghana.

The actress has expressed her furry over the negative impact these movies are having on society and children in particular, calling for an instrument to control the sale of such movies on the streets.

Selassie who was speaking in an interview with Monday, admitted that the Ghanaian movie industry has improved over the years but was not happy about the increasing nudity in some movies. The nation’s cultural norms, she said, frowns on such behavious.

“What I think is not good about some of the movies is this nudity they are bringing in. We all have various qualities and cultures but it is difficult for a typical Ghanaian woman to expose herself. We are not Western people, we are Ghanaians, Africans for that matter,” she said.

“For me I have children, I come from a community where they are looking up to me so I cannot afford to go nude on TV, what am I telling them? We are not Western people; we have to learn to appreciate our culture. In movies, yes you can play love scenes covering yourself but not when you have to show your breast, your butt, it is not Ghanaian. It makes me sick,” she cried.

She blamed producers for their thirst for money and some actresses’ quest to attain fame. “…People are doing this thinking that these movies will sell or the actresses will agree to do it because they want to become popular…it is nasty. I don’t care what they think but it is wrong.”

Selassie faulted the censorship board for not doing enough in controlling and checking some of these movies before they are released onto the streets and market.

She wants the authorities to enforce laws that will prevent adult movies from being sold on the streets, even if they are produced at all. “Don’t expose our children to this nudity,” she cried.

Selassie went off the screen for some time to take care of family and business.

Born in the Volta Region, she fell in love with acting and plays from childhood, joining Nyankonton Players of GBC around 1993. She acted in several TV theatres and plays at the Arts Centre. She was spotted by William Akuffo who gave her a role in the movie My Sweetie.

She has featured in over 50 movies, including Yaa Asantewaa and Frozen Emotions, most of them with GAMA films.

She is currently the CEO of Smarttys Management and Productions, an outfit that specialises in movie productions, adverts, documentaries, public relations, magazines and consultancy services.

She is out with a lifestyle magazine and a TV series dubbed Smart People magazine and Smart People series aimed at teaching people secrets to success.

Currently working as an actress and a producer, Selassie has released CEO, a movie she says touches on the core values of the modern day woman and our cultural values.

The movie, directed by John Ezedomi and Afam Okereke was written by Selassie who also plays the role of a CEO. She is an uncompromising, principled, demanding woman who is set to prove to everyone that she can go beyond public expectations of a woman.

She is quick to fire her workers at the slightest mistake. She succeeds in her business almost at the detriment of her family but things took a dramatic turn when her daughter was kidnapped.

The movie also stars Desmond Elliot, Nadia Buari and Rosslyn Ngissah among others and it was premiered at the Golden Tulip Hotel on October 23.

Story by Ernest Dela Aglanu

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