Kwabena Kwabena – Adult Music ft. Samini (Official Video)

Kwabena Kwabena – Adult Music ft. Samini (Official Video)


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  1. The very best valentine’s day ever!!! This song changed my life jooorrr!!!
    “What’s on my mind???!!!! You wanna know!!! My new craze o! “fakywe fakywe,
    faw), faw); fam fam; fab3 w) su; k) y) b3da; medo 3da wo su nd3; 3da wo su
    nd3 odo ee”

  2. I can only imagine how viral this could have gone if it was sang in
    English!This song is good even though i cant get what he is singing!Go

  3. foolish fools expecting what? english subtitles…does the english music
    and video gives us Twi subtitles, better enjoy the good music and stop
    those bully demands,punk!

  4. If shatta wale were to be featured in this song, the only words he would
    have used is ” pussy love, fuck your mother and me I’m rich”. People please
    stop comparing that monkey wale to Samini. Samini is the best and he will
    continue to be the best. 

  5. I have never been home-sick after living abroad for close to 4 years now
    until I heard this amazing song. Now, I can only imagine how this holiday
    atmosphere is going to be like in Ghana. I keep jamming to it everyday! The
    beat takes me back into the soolooku days at Kumasi Asafo/Fanti New Town
    back in the 90’s. Great job Kwabena Kwabena. You never disappoint.
    Authentic Ghanaian rhythm. Only if we could have more musicians like this
    in Ghana. Tired of all those hip-hop artiste wannabe’s Ghana seems to be
    producing lately.